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Call for Abstracts

Modelling World International, 2021, April 20, 21 and 22


Modelling World International is a great opportunity for transport modellers across the UK and Europe to showcase home-grown innovation, keep up to date with the latest developments, share views, and benefit from interactive sessions with global experts.


We’re reaching out to you for ideas, insights and suggestions for keynotes, presentations, workshops, talking heads, demos, panels and more. With a virtual event, everything is possible….


Below are some ideas to get you thinking. Submissions will be considered by event organiser Landor LINKS and the event steering committee. Please send to Juliana by 15 March 2021, on

We invite abstracts (no more than 250 words; we don’t require full papers) in the following categories, including:


  • Talk/session title


  • Short 50 word speaker bio details


  • Speaker contact details

Fundamental questions

  • Uncertainty: emerging from the pandemic and recognising all previous models are now wrong

  • Modelling in the spotlight: what can we learn from the scrutiny of public health models, and how will this improve transport modelling?

  • Model transferability in time and space – are we confident that relationships estimated when building the model are still valid now, and can be assumed valid in future?

New challenges


  • Climate change: air quality, fuel modelling, electric, petrol, diesel 

  • Non equilibrium models

  • Modelling active modes

  • First and last mile, and how to include in models

  • Car ownership models – the rise of SUVs

  • Modelling for disruptions: climate change, reliability

  • From BCR to MCA – examples of success?

  • Rebalancing the economy

Supporting planning


  • Centralised vs non-centralised planning – ensuring consistency

  • Everything As A Service: successful modelling approaches

  • Segmentation to improve understanding

  • Understanding and modelling gender differences

  • Modelling and wider societal goals: child-friendly planning, generational issues, choices and behaviours 

  • EVs

  • Systems of systems, including energy modelling

  • Taxis

  • Freight and deliveries

  • Post-project evaluation: successes and failures

  • Widening appraisal: initiatives that don’t speed up travel times

  • Future Mobility Zones / Modelling for intelligent mobility

Data and data visualisation


  • Data to support changing models, successful use of AI, ML and big data, aggregate data

  • Data-driven models / real time models

  • The A-team: successful implementations of agent-based and activity-based models

  • The importance of non-peak hours

  • Shared mobility models

  • Modelling micro-mobility

  • Multi-scale modelling for smart cities

  • Integrated transport and urban models

  • Pedestrian modelling

  • Data visualisation

Ideas to get you thinking
Modelling World International 2021
Modelling World International 2021

Modelling World International
19-22 April 2021

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Sponsored by:

Veitch Lister Consulting
PTV Group
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