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Why attend Modelling World International?


  • Discover the latest innovations from service and solution providers in the interactive exhibition


  • Network and interact with other attendees and exhibitors via direct chat and video


  • No need to travel - simply attend this event from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone


  • Schedule 1-2-1 meetings


  • Join in peer-to-peer roundtable discussions


  • Access the event website from anywhere and at any time to listen, contribute and network


Modelling World International will open up the world of modelling to a global community: 

Australia & NZ

Opening up some of the big questions facing the transport modelling profession in Australia and New Zealand at the moment, and discussing potential approaches with colleagues from around the world, sharing what  our region has done well and learning from best practice elsewhere


Bringing together the transport modelling profession in India to share knowledge and identify key opportunities for growth, with input from global experts

Middle East

Sharing with the rest of the world the innovation in transport modelling that is taking place in the region, and exploring together with global experts the emerging challenges around new technology and behaviour change


Easy access and the opportunity to interact with transport modelling experts from around the world facing similar problems and developing solutions in parallel with Great Britain


The team behind Modelling World International 2021

Dave Keenan

Aimsun Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, Australia, is our Man ‘Down Under’ for MWI

With these times locking us down right across the globe, I’m sure we all feel the needs and benefits of being, and staying, healthily connected. Perhaps more so, the COVID-19 situation has made us realise that - no matter what the distance - we all face common challenges and issues across our industry. This distance is nowhere more keenly felt in the world, in relation to the UK, than from the geographical position of Australia and New Zealand!

Dr Reza Mohammadi

Managing Director, RMC Consultancy, is MWI's point of contact for the Middle East, India and Africa

The accuracy of a transport model’s output is essential in the development of efficient transport infrastructure. With the advancement of technology and introduction of new travel modes, there is a continuous need to update transport modelling techniques and approaches.

Virtual Modelling World is a great opportunity for transport modellers in the Middle East to keep up to date with the latest developments, share their views, benefit from interactive sessions with global experts and showcase home-grown innovation. 

Tom Van Vuren

Tom van Vuren

Chair of Modelling World and Regional Director, UK and Europe, Veitch Lister

We will make the most of this opportunity, using the best broadcasting and virtual technology,  and are in discussion with speakers from Australia to the USA and many places in between to discuss their ideas, experiences and developments in modelling and forecasting.  And after two Modelling World Middle East events in 2016 and 2017, we will again engage closely with this region in the programming of Modelling World International 2021!


Serbjeet Kohli

Steer India Office Director

Transport modelling is at the core of data-evidenced decision-making for policy, appraisals and investments in urban land-use and transport planning. Typically, a large share of the modelling work globally is carried out for highway traffic and rail demand studies. In India, the need for transport modelling is increasingly being felt not only in the private sector space like tollroad transactions, but also in public-private partnerships for multimodal urban transport networks that may include metro rail and high-speed rail.

Reliable data is central to transport modelling, and this has been a big challenge in the Indian context. Particularly for the largely open-access highway network, data often is largely generated on assets and corridors being monetised or privately managed where transactions occur.

Our all-in-one broadcast and event platform provides:


  • live 1-2-1 video meetings (including meeting booking functionality in-app)

  • speak to any attendees, speakers, exhibitors at any time using our ‘People’ directory

  • exhibition booths with live presentation, videos, file downloads and lots more

  • an on-demand conference session service - so if you miss a live session you can come back and watch it at a time suitable for you

  • live keynotes and debates, on-demand sessions and facilitated international discussions

About the Modelling World series


Landor LINKS has been working on this event for more than six months, and we’re really excited to welcome you to Modelling World International between the 20-22nd April.


Modelling World has been organised in the Europe for the last 15 years and is highly regarded as the essential meeting place for practitioners working in all areas of strategic modelling. 


We look forward to seeing you online then! 


Download the Media Information Packs: 

EU | India | Middle East

Contact Daniel on for more information or to take part

Modelling World International 2021
Modelling World International 2021

Modelling World International
19-22 April 2021

Organised by:


Sponsored by:

Veitch Lister Consulting
PTV Group
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